Effortless Group Management

With GroupTools, you can plan your events, manage your attendees and identify new opportunities - all under one platform.


Getting Started is Easy

Discover trip ideas, build and manage your events, invite guests and collect payments.

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Engage with your Attendees

Increase attendee conversion rates and
drive more interest to your events.


The Group Tools You Need

Our tools allow group leaders to be more efficient, flexible, and scalable. They help improve
communication to attendees. Above all, they work together to help turn interactions
into lasting relationships.

Discover and Plan

Survey your group and lock in your trip.

Communicate with ease

Import your contacts and get social.

Track Financials

Accept payments and monitor costs.

Discover, Plan and Manage
your Group Events

Survey your group members to find out what activities or options they prefer. Manage your group arrangements with suppliers so you can keep on top of deposits and due dates. Set your group event options to determine whether attendees can bring guests or forward your invitation to others. Control event pricing and due dates.

Easily Communicate
with your Group Members

Simply and quickly import contacts into GroupTools from your Google account, upload from a spreadsheet or add them on the fly. Send surveys and invitations to a group of contacts or individually. Set automatic reminders for payments and itinerary updates. Automatically track all group correspondence for easy reference.

Track Financials and Collect Money
from Group Members

GroupTools will automatically send payment reminders to your confirmed attendees, and if you choose to, they can pay you easily through GroupTools and the funds go directly to you! Easily record payments by check, cash or through other payment channels. GroupTools keeps track of all costs and payments so can see where you are at a glance. Automatically receive payment notifications and get reminders of when payments are due to suppliers.

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Our tools help organize better experiences.

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